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Winter Inspiration

Janelle’s Red Pots & Warrior

Some artists are writers and some writers are artist; each craft informs the other.

My good friend and local (rather popular) artist, Janelle Loewen is not only a great artist, but a wonderful
wordsmith as well. When I read her writing which is filled with vivid descriptions and colors, it comes alive on the page; I see the colors and feel the textures. Her artistic eye informs every scene she writes in the same way that her skilled paintbrush creates a world of wonder on the canvass.
When I am blocked or lacking creative energy I either set up my easel and paint or go to an art gallery. Now, let’s be clear; what I do is called painting a picture while Janelle creates a thing of ever-lasting beauty. But to get my creative juices to flow it does the trick.

When I go to museums and galleries where I can stand or sit and study a painting, it stirs my emotion. I always take a pad of paper with me so I can capture those arousing sensations by writing or drawing; however I am moved.

As a child and teen, I dreamed of the world’s great galleries, but given our family circumstance I never dreamed I’d ever see them with my own eyes. Thankfully the universe had bigger plans for me.

In London’s National Gallery in the famed Trafalgar Square, I visited each gallery room and then planted myself in a booth next to the café’s black lacquered walls, drank tea and wrote for hours. Being there, seeing the Renaissance art I had dreamed of all my life and having the luxury of hanging out at the gallery and café all day as a writer is one of my most cherished days. I filled a notebook that day with stories, ideas, impressions, characters and so much more. I revisit that notebook often for inspiration. In Paris the Louvre exhausted me – three more notebooks….

Last month I went to Victoria to see the Vincent Van Gogh film and some art. This month the Picasso exhibit is at Seattle Art Museum Next month I’ll be in Portland, my birth city and I plan a day at the museum and walking the old Portland blocks where I grew up. I look forward to seeing the Portland Museums new acquisition; Paul Gauguin’s 1884 Vue d’un jardin, Rouen (Garden View, Rouen).
The holidays are a busy time. Though I don’t get as much writing done during November and December as I would like, I use that time to refuel my creative energies by attending galleries and museums. Then by January when I can finally get back to normal writing time, I am full of new experiences from which to draw upon. What moves you; art, movies, books, music? Read a book out of your normal genre, go listen to live music, see a foreign film. Get inspired; take notes. Then write!



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