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Jack Remick’s Audio

Most authors are inexperienced in the marketing of their books. There are several stages to marketing that I won’t get into here, except to say that one arena is generally overlooked; audio branding. What would NBC be without the three-ring tone of the peacock or Alka Seltzer with their retro “Plop-plop-fizz-fizz…oh what a relief it is.”

Recently I suggested to a friend that he begin the audio branding aspect of marketing his book. The net result (thus far) is his Sam Elliott like voice reading the first bit of his extremely vivid story. Check it out. Jack Remick, Blood at Jack’s voice is distinctive and can become a signature marketing tool if he uses it consistently.

So if you’re at the enviable stage of actually marketing a finished product, then don’t forget to utilize this media savvy era of Internet via UTube, iPhone, iTunes and so on. Create a unique sound at the opening of your readings or if you have a unique voice, use it to make you that much more memorable to your audience.
What sound will grab your readers attention and help your black and white story come to life? The gong of a brass meditation bowl, a gunshot? Be creative, then be consistent and use the same sound every time. (Of course I don’t suggest you pull out a pistol and fire one off at every book reading…a recording would do. You get the picture.)


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