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Okay, I’m being held captive at home, and rumor has it, I’m a bit cantankerous, with a head cold. My husband won’t let me have my car keys so I can go to a coffee shop and write, which is what I do on Saturdays. So pardon me if this is a cranky post…but apparently I’m a little peevish. Sniff-Sniff!

Which road to follow

Anyway…There’s almost too much writing information and free education on the web these days. Some good – some, not so much. I get woozy trying to check out the ‘rules’, the do’s and don’ts and the dizzying array of changing mores in the writing world. Or, maybe it’s the cold meds…Thankfully, I’ve never cared much about the ‘rules’ or maybe I just never understood them, and I’m too old to try to be a trendsetter with the new hybrid of language on the landscape via Twitter, texting, sexting and whatever other cryptic language-speak is oft used in today’s ‘literature’- from blogs, to novels, to literary magazines and the local neighborhood papers, which are starting to look more like singles ads than community newspapers. I digress… In my attempt to have a condensed overview of the ever-evolving writing and publishing scene I peruse sites where I find good fundamental writing, publishing, marketing, etc., advice. I read until my eyes glaze over, generally having picked up a tip or two about what other writers are doing, and then, I stop caring about what everybody else is doing, saying, and writing or texting and put my butt back in the chair and write. Because that’s what writers do, they read and then they write. Right? I think the cold meds are making my eyes blurr…anyway, if you’re in need of some educational, informational or inspirational info, here’s a few of my favorite sites;
For lots of fun reading visit 2010 Top Fifty Creative Writing Blogs – There Are No Rules
And of course there’s always the  Writers Digest Top Websites
Former editorial director of Writers Digest, Jane Friedman offers free advice on her blog .
Hands down the best overall writing advice, instruction and guidance –  Jack Remick and Robert J. Ray at The Weekend Novelist
Ready to take your book to market? Check out agent queries  Agent Query
WOW  – Women On Writing is a great overall site  WOW!

Since my eyes are blurry and my head hurts, I’m going to close them now and listen to some Maya Angelou poetry for inspiration, with the hope that later today I can escape (don’t tell my husband) and do some writing in a coffee shop (I’m not contagious). Ms. Angelou And Still I Rise



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