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Love Australia + free editing software

Love, love, love Australia!
was included in ‘recommended reading’ by Australian On-Line Magazine, Enrich Me. 

So, I’m back home from my journey to the other world; LA. Had a great time with my brother, but Brentwood never did redeem itself (see Saturday’s post) and remained cold and unfriendly. What’s up with that Brentwood? Hollywood and Beverly Hills were friendlier.
Anyway, back to work. I just finished an 8 week novel re-write class with Robert Ray at Hugo House last month and am anxious, with my newly gleaned skills to get to the daunting task of re-writing my novel.
I’m also beginning my marketing campaign for Romance & Money which includes radio talk shows and much, much more. So, I’m moving into a very busy and productive time, I hope. Why does this matter? When you’re a writer and you publish something, it takes marketing time and energy. It all takes away form your creative writing time. For me, keeping a strict schedule is the only way I can get anything done. And even then it’s difficult to move from the left to the right side of my brain with ease and with creativity in tact. If I’m writing travel apps or financial advice articles in the morning, then putting together marketing information mid day, it’s difficult to transform into my fiction-writing-creative-flow-self, late afternoon. I have found that I need to do these things on separate days and never co-mingle energies; the ink from one well poisons the other.    
There are a lot of writers who can do it all, I’m just not one of them. I need my Outlook Calendar to tell me what I can and cannot write that day. If you can do it all, and all in the same day, I applaud you. 


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