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Dark Knights: Forbidden Art Exhibit in Australia

Since the release of my non-fiction book, Romance & Money, I have struggled to find the time or the energy to work on my

fiction. But yesterday I was back at the tables writing with Jack Remick and Robert Ray(recently returned from surgery and looking great). It was good to be back. I think I’m over the initial ‘release’ nerves and press release jitters stage and can make some writing time for my other projects.

 Sometimes I think that I can do it on my own, and I can, but having other like minded individuals in the room who have the same goals and desires (to make good writing better, as Jack says)  fuels, charges, propels my writing in a more productive way. I can’t explain it. Read Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down to The Bones, then find a group and do the work. Then, and only then will you see and experience what I mean.
I had a couple epiphanies about my character yesterday that would not have come to me  had I been lollygagging around on my own. Timed writing exercises pull from deep within and spill onto the page. I spilled one sentence yesterday that put me in touch with an issue that resonates with the dark knight in my story. It transformed what the entire scene was really about.  My good writing went deeper, got better. Yeah!

Also, when we read aloud I have the opportunity to hear other writers prose. There are some great writers out there struggling with the same things as me. I’m always honored to hear what they write. I learn from them. The exchange is exhilarating.
If you struggle to find the time to write, as I do lately, then check out this article by
PILAR ALESSANDRA of On The Page, titled –
Write your Screenplay in 10Minutes a DayWhether you’re writing a screen play, novel or book of poems, these tips are applicable. Now I have no excuses. I do have 10 minutes a day.



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