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Sunday Ink

I went to a book signing at 3rd PlaceBooks  last night. I was grumpy and tired from working in my yard all day in the heat, but I’d promised, so I went.
It was a group of women who call themselves the Uptown Writers.
Most of them are writers from Louisa’s Café where a lot of us put
pen to paper each week with Jack Remick and Robert Ray.
Their book, titled Sunday Ink is a collection of their poems and their short stories, both fiction and non. Each one of them got up to the mic and read either a snippet of the book or something new they were working on. I was moved and completely engaged. This eclectic group was fun, inspiring and brilliant.
When they read a piece from one of their writing partners who has departed, they remained seated, leaving the podium and microphone for her spirit. It was a lovely tribute. They spoke how they’d been honored to be health care providers for her during her battle with cancer. I recalled how dear my writers group was when I had cancer. Their visits meant the world to me. I know what the Uptown Writers love and care for their friend meant to her in her battle. I guarantee she thought of them as her care- warriors and that their devotion aided her in her mêlée with the Big ‘C’. Anyway, it was moving.
So, about the book… I woke this morning anxious to read the last story in their book, titled A Healing Symphony by Janet Yoder. A story she shared just a little bit of last night – whetting my appetite. I rose early, made my coffee and snuggled back into bed while my husband slept, and read the rest of her story. It didn’t disappoint. Her true narrative resonated deeply with me because my fiction character Solomon (in my novel), is the last living Nehalem Indian who struggles to adhere to his elders customs. Janet’s experiences with her dear friend Vi (in her story) parallel my character’s. That’s all I’m saying. You’ll have to read Vi’s Story, in A Healing Heart. It’s beautiful.  
I love that this diverse and talented writer’s group pulled a collection of work together and got it published. Great job ladies. What a fun night. I look forward to reading the rest.

Uptown Writers

It’s amazing what a good writer’s group can accomplish; from walking someone to the end of this life and seeing them off to the next, to publishing a book. Congrats! I’m so glad I made it to the event, tired, grumpy or not.
Now, about You: If you don’t go to book signings, do. If nothing else you’ll get out of your dark cave and meet others from your same clan. You’ll get inspired, support your art by supporting bookstores and authors. How bad can that be?  


2 comments on “Sunday Ink

  1. carol Bolt
    August 3, 2011

    Thanks for coming out to support us Mindy! Cheers,

  2. Arleen Williams
    August 2, 2011

    Thank you, Arleen. It was a wonderful evening and your presence added to the event!

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