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There’s Stories Everywhere: To Write About Heroes…

I’m always interested in stories, and there’s stories
everywhere we look. Whether it’s the sadness I felt
last week in Kirkland, (see Fallen) or the 5-star
glitzy-glam party I attended for the launch of Ryan
Winfield’s book on Saturday night, or the performance
my husband and I enjoyed yesterday at the Airfield Winery.
Stories are everywhere.
But, as uninspired as I felt in Kirkland, I experienced the opposite yesterday. I still feel full of joy this morning. My husband and I went to the Airfield Winery to hear a musician that I stumbled onto on the internet, Enrique Henao. We were in search of a romantic afternoon. We found so much more.
Enrique, who was born in Columbia, is a true master of classical and jazz music. He’s known for his soulful versions of flamenco and his rhythmically passionate renditions of the melodies of Latin America. He has performed with a long list of legends including Sammy Davis Jr., Julio Iglesias and Andres Segovia. But this Edmonds guitarist eventually realized he wanted his talent to serve the children of the world. A father himself, he has seen the anguish of children struggling in his homeland. “Everything that I do, I do for the children.” he said.

Enrique performs free of charge for charities that aid children. This man is an inspiration – no, a God-send to a starving humanity – who has traveled the world doing free benefit concerts with the vital purpose of providing grants for many children’s charities.
Recently appointed as Global Ambassador of Peace for Children of the World by the Board of Directors of POP ROX, Enrique walks his talk. He’s reaching his dream of “Peace for the Worlds Children through Music.”
It’s rare and aw-inspiring to meet another human who lives every day to make the world a better place, and who succeeds, leaving a trail of joy, love and lives restored – instead of destruction. To say I was uplifted by this man, would be to say that the Pacific Ocean was a little pond in my yard. He’s a warrior. I like warriors. I write about warriors. I will keep Enrique Hanoa in my mind when I write the bravest of the brave.  A bit of his generous spirit will be there.
It’s hard and rare to find real heroes in our small lives, when we do, I believe that as writers it’s our responsibility to write about them so the rest of the world will learn they’re still around, still making a difference, still fighting for peace, activist with hearts – sometimes with a song and a guitar – but still fighting.  To write about hereos, I think you must know one first. I’ve known a few. And Enrique is on that short, short list.
BTW, he’s been referred to as that cool dude on the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ commercials. He looks like him, acts like him. I think he’s him. Ha!

I found a couple snippets of his music on the net.



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