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Welcome Home Amanda Knox – What A Story!

The Amanda Knox story has had my attention from the get-go.
I can’t help but see my own child or grandchild in those
circumstances. I was so happy last night to hear of her
release. It brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations Amanda and the strong and steadfast Knox family who live here in Seattle.

Why mention this in a blog about writing? Because much, MUCH has been and will be written about this real life drama… Hopefully the movie and book deal will help make up for her lost innocence and youth. And hopefully the search for the real killer of poor Meredith Kercher will ensue and the real victim won’t be forgotten.
And if Donald Trump who said he offered support to her family, really wants to offer support, then he could help pay off her grandma’s debt, debt she took on to support her granddaughter. Help her. That will be support. That is unless it’s just Trump giving lip service to get attention.

So Amanda, Congratulations! Good luck avoiding the press that no doubt have set up camp in West Seattle. And Amanda, when you’re ready, when you’ve begun the long, long journey to healing and getting back to life, and if you decide you want to write your story out, I invite you to join us at Louisa’s Café where we write on Tuesdays and Fridays. You’ll meet people there with stories that begged to be written, and are now published, and some who write for healing some for hurting, some for release and joy. The welcome mat is out. Be well.


2 comments on “Welcome Home Amanda Knox – What A Story!

  1. Teresa Steele
    October 20, 2011

    Locked up in prison for 26 years! The idea of this is horrifying to me. I can only imagine the terror she felt thinking she may not see her family again. I am happy she is out and with her family again breathing the fresh air.

  2. Stephen Hayes
    October 4, 2011

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Donald Trump to follow through on his promise. As far as poor Meredith's real killer, I believe the fellow is already in an Italian prison doing time for the murder, sixteen years I believe. He says he was only present at the time, but it's HIS DNA all over the place. I'm sure everyone, even the Knox family, what justice done.

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