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Author Tips for 2012

I just read an article in Writer’s Digest that had some solid advice for authors who are beginning the marketing of their books. The WD article, Your Top 12 Author Marketing Moves for 2012 is worth a read whether you’re published yet or not. By planning your marketing strategy early, you get a head start. After all, you’d design a business plan before you started a new business, wouldn’t you?
The author, Rob Eagar is a marketing consultant who helps individuals and organizations spread their message like wildfire, hence the name of his company, Wildfire Marketing .
Check out the top 12 marketing tips.

This month I’m doing what my brother Clark Kohanek calls a ‘pass through’ on my novel for personality; looking for places where I can add brevity or tweak the language to make it more colorful, interesting, ominous or irritating.
I’m doing a pass through for single issues at a time to keep my focus. Next week’s pass through will be for ‘leaves’. Yep, leaves. Apparently I mention leaves waaaayyyyy toooo many times in my novel. I never knew I had a ‘leaves’ problem, but now it’s painfully clear. I’ll be raking leaves next week. So much work, but it’s getting clearer, like carving a statue out of stone, well leaves anyway. Ha!  


2 comments on “Author Tips for 2012

  1. Mindy Halleck
    January 10, 2012

    given that I just had to look up 'lugubrious'(You're clearly way smarter than I am) I'd say editing it out is a good plan. So much editing; so little time. Keep on the path. Mindy

  2. Stephen Hayes
    January 10, 2012

    I don't think I ever used the metaphor of leaves too much in my writing but certain words and phrases pop up regularly. I seem to have a fetish for the word "lugubrious." This word appears in most things I write even though I eventually edit it out.

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