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Lost Objects or Plot Tracks

I finally discovered something more painful than editing my manuscript; pulling the staples from my floor with needle nosed pliers after we yanked up the carpet. Yep, manual labor. I asked for a hard wood floor and the good news is; I’m getting one. The bad news is; I’m my husband’s laborer because OF COURSE he won’t let anyone else do it for fear they may do it wrong.
I’m too old for this stuff. And stuff really isn’t the word I was thinking. Anyway, despite the fact that my hands are now shaped like claws and I can barely unfold the little buggers, I am here faithfully typing away. Well, until he comes into the room and realizes I haven’t left for Home Depot yet to get more paint and supplies. ARG!
Anyway, I realized yesterday when I was a writer not a day laborer that I’d left out a thread in my story. I had an object that made it through the story to about page 100 and then it didn’t get mentioned or resolved after that. BIG mistake! I hate when authors publish books with unresolved anything; characters, objects, or topics that just show up on stage and then disappear. Red herrings!
In my story it was a ‘Cloud’ on one of my characters title to their home. Left unresolved it would have meant they lost their home with no drama, no fuss, no mention. By following it through it provided another bit of drama, deepened the conflict between two characters and then ultimately gave my protagonist one more way to get a jab at the bad guy.
So, it was back to my ‘objects’ list (Thank you Robert Ray – Author & friend) and then my ‘cut to’ list (Thank you Jack Remick – author & friend) …with those tools I was able to track down where I left my lost object (plot track) and then was able to reinsert it and find resolution in the story.
Okay, be quiet, my husband is coming. The moral to the story is; don’t leave those red herring’s unresolved.  Gotta go to Home Depot. Bye!!!!!!!! No, really honey, I left a half hour ago.

One comment on “Lost Objects or Plot Tracks

  1. Stephen Hayes
    February 19, 2012

    I helped our son put a wood floor into his condo and I swear I'll never do it again. Let the professionals do it. That way you won't know where all the mistakes are. This is probably true of editing as well.

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