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The Biology of Belief – Writer’s Block Is A Message

Yesterday at my new acupuncturist (by new, I mean I’ve never done acupuncture – she’s been around awhile) someone asked me if I ever got that dreaded writer’s block thingie (her word, not mine).  
“I don’t believe in writer’s block.” I said.
“Is it something you have to believe in?” She asked.
I looked at her and said, “Thank you for my next blog post.”

I explained to her that if you believe in something you give it power. I apply this concept to every aspect of my life. I believe that the things I believe in have the ability to transform or at least inform my life, simply because I believe in them, their validity is irrelevant. It’s true. Check out The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

And though I don’t just hand my delicate belief over to anyone and anything, I do believe in many things; God, love, healing, prayer and chocolate ice cream – although the acupuncturist said, no matter how hard I believe in the chocolate ice cream, I’m not supposed to have the chocolate ice cream anymore. No more dairy….woe is me. L
So, why not apply the concept of belief to writing and more specifically, writer’s block.
What is writer’s block anyway? My definition: It’s the inability to move forward: basically the feeling of being paralyzed when you sit in front of the screen, paper, or block of stone – or whatever you use to write. I’ve certainly been there before; frozen and staring at a blank page thinking, Oh my God! I have no words! – Or screaming,  Where are my words? like Brando screaming ‘STELLA’ from the bottom of the stairs.  
The thing is when that occurs I take a good look at what’s happening in my life; because I think writer’s block is my subconscious telling me something important and so at that paralyzing moment, I need to stop and listen. If I can’t figure it out right then and there, I go walk. If that doesn’t work I go to a coffee shop with a pad and pen (old school writing) and write whatever comes into my head. Talk about gibberish – but I write. Then after writing about the yard work that needs to be done, the grocery shopping, the fight I had with my daughter, the health issues, my mother, whatever is stuck in my head, then suddenly that thing that was stuck flows out. Then it gushes and I find nuggets I never dreamed existed.

Sometimes the thing that blocked me was a message that I had something deeper, buried in my subconscious that needed to find its way out – something that takes my story to another level, or offers me insight on a troubling matter. That kind of free range writing is used to articulate your feelings, thoughts and subconscious wanderings. It isn’t writing to impress, but to express.
Of course sometimes it just means I need to take a walk. Either way, writer’s block is a message.


2 comments on “The Biology of Belief – Writer’s Block Is A Message

  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2012

    Hi Mindy,Literary Liaisons looks quite classy! (I love what you've done to the place!) You've tweaked the sophistication and retained the hearthside warmth. Very nice. Your comment on writer's block touched a nerve. Thank you. "As a man/woman thinketh …" I needed that.Thank you, Mindy, for your lovely website. I truly enjoy it.Cassie

  2. Stephen Hayes
    May 5, 2012

    I agree that writer's block is a message. For me, there are times when the creativity is busting to get out in one form or another. I've never suffered a creative blockage for long and on the rare occasions when it happens I just turn my energies elsewhere and let my batteries recharge.

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