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The Architects of Storytelling

It’s taken some time for me to work up to writing again. As a three time cancer survivor, I think that somewhere in the back of my subconscious I had planted that old platitude ‘three times is a charm’ and figured that was enough – Surely the universe was finished with me and I could get on with life. So as I’m sure you can imagine this fourth diagnosis has hit like a ton of paralyzing bricks. I’ll be fine, I’ll deal with it and I’ll live – That’s what matters. It just sucks that’s all. So there, I’m done whining.

Stephen G. Butchko

Anyway, I went to Brentwood (LA) to visit my brother Clark last week. He’s back there filming a short film he’s been working on this year. I had the pleasure of meeting his good friends Steve & Deirdre who are also the two actors in his film. I’m not mentioning the film yet until he gives me the really cool advertising clip they made and are ready to announce it to the world. As of last night they were still building a stage set for a final scene.   Anyway, it was so good to get out of my own head
for the week, absorb some sun on doctors orders (Vitamin D) and meet these creative people in their Bohemian style West Hollywood 1920’s-ish 

Dierdre V. Lyons

apartment that was very Melrose Place-ish.

We  also pre-viewed their recent adventure as a couple who have become victims of their battling hairless cats on was funny and fun to see them on the popular Animal Planet Show. Though they were reluctant to do ‘reality tv’ it was fun, and apparently their cats are actually much better now.

Then, Clark and I visited the Getty Villa (WOW!) where an impressive
collection of antiquities; statues, plaques and materials of the
Greek architects of drama and classic storytelling are on display.

Clark ; A Curious Statue

How appropriate. It’s always good to revisit the masters; which
was pretty much Clark’s advice to me about my story.

The Birth of Drama
(And the death of my hair)


I returned from LA with great ideas, lots of novel edits from Clark and tired – really, really tired. My body is working hard to fight the tumor, and I’m also going through a lot of acupuncture and taking some mysterious Chinese herbs. Talk about blind faith! So, I’m tired – like, need a nap every two hours tired. So writing & blogging has been a struggle. But, I seem to be getting my energy back, which is encouraging on many levels…and I have returned to my project. I’m more excited about my novel than ever before. 

Beautiful Getty Villa

How’s that for a rambling post!

Did you know; The festivel for Dionysus is in the spring became one of the most important events of the year. It’s focus became the theater. Most of the great greek plays were initially written to be performed at the feast of Dionysus. All who took part writers, actors, spectators were regaurded as scared servents of Dionysus during the festivel. To read more about the architects of drama Greek Mythology.


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