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Frank Delaney: The Most Eloquent Man in the World

A couple of years ago I was devastated when I learned, after the fact that best-selling author and literary icon Frank Delaney was in Seattle. I’d have been waiting at the Third Place Book Store at dawn, had I known. To me he is the quintessential voice of my ancestral home, Ireland.
 ‘The Most Eloquent Man in the World’, says NPR, about the writer, broadcaster, BBC host and Booker Prize Judge, Frank Delaney.-

While in Ireland a few years back I quickly learned firsthand that the Irish have a uniquely bitter-sweet take on life – most having grown up with very real heroes and very real villains. Heck, just touring Dublin I was made aware of the ‘fresh’ bullet holes in the statues and buildings on one main drag. It caused a moment of pause – looking around for IRA soldiers in a jeep to come barreling around a corner. I know, I watch too many Irish movies. Anyway… 

Journeying around that mossy green island I became the willing beneficiary of their stories and myths – some real, some, like the fish tales of my childhood, grabbed from thin air right there on the spot. Those tall-tale-tellers loved it when I took notes in my little black moleskin book; they patiently stopped and waited, fully expecting their words go down in a story, folklore or soon to be history. And some day I will finish writing that memoir – and their words will go down. Like the five nuns I met on that bus (last week’s post) who, upon saying something important, would tap on my pad and say, “Write that down, little sister. You’ll be needin’ that bit for later.” So, I took bountiful notes; I’ll be needin’ them for later.

Reading James Joyce and Frank Delaney while there completely submerged me in Irish folklore, LANGUAGE, and culture – it was a delicious journey in my life. Ireland is a land of writers – a land and people that give freely to other writers with the expectation of being the muse; deservedly so. I think growing up with the larger than life mystical myths and hardened real life antagonist creates ever-pregnant imaginations and is why the Irish stories flow as freely as their streams and rolling hills.

Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on about Ireland, though I could go on, and share this bit with you;

On writer’s tips, Delaney says to just leave room for the finger of God, the magic of what reveals itself as you write (I love that!). Take 3 minutes and listen to Editor in chief of PNWA’s Author Magazine, Bill Kenower’s– interview with the delightful Frank Delaney, one of Ireland’s favorite son’s.



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