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What the Heck is a Story’s Spine?

Today I’m working on clarifying what the SPINE of my story is. Spine? You might be thinking. Yes, spine; something we writers often don’t know a darned thing about, but we should. I’ll get to some helpful info soon, stay with me.

Yesterday after a conversation with story master Robert J.Ray (author of Murdock Mysteries and The Weekend Novelist and more) – who has read some of my novel, I now understand what I didn’t understand before; the spine of my story is LOST – SAVED. I didn’t see it – trees through the forest and all, or maybe I’m just a little slow on the uptake – but he saw it and the moment he said it, I thought, Bingo! Of course that’s it. How simple and yet, how complex. Or maybe it’s just that ‘me’ being a little slow, thing again.

Now, in my rewrite I can deepen my theme, add thick layers where before I had thin and flimsy, and truly create the story I envision. This has been an epiphany for me. I like epiphanies – they change everything. SO, if you don’t know the spine of your story, start here at Robert Ray and Jack Remick’s blog for writers. It will make you a better writer.  Now, I have to get some writing done, so stop bothering me. Check out Bob’s books at Murdock Mysteries.

EXCERPT from Spine Finder on Bob’s blog: Bob sez: The Spine-finder locks your plot to polar opposites: rich/poor; evil/innocence; raw/cooked, etc. While it tightens the plot, Spine-finder re-orders your scenes. If you have flashbacks, the Spine-finder will keep them from proliferating. Locking down the spine of your story is hard sweaty work – that coughs up story-insights. To find your story spine, read more…

Polar opposites, like LOST – SAVED! Bingo!!!!!!

Oh and (completely randon and off topic) But, today’s tip – Proofread!
For example;

Let’s eat grandma.
Let’s eat, grandma.

Just sayin’. Happy writing…..



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