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I Once Saw A Raggedy Man

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Sometimes when I write I sit down pen in hand and just start. Sometimes I’m able to start with one image and go deep, other times not. But the point is that I go deepest when I’m writing oldschool; pen and paper instead of laptop which is how I always wrote until I met Jack and Bob a few years ago. Anyway, from time to time I’ll start posting those pieces of (usually) fiction when I don’t know what else to do with them. Some become short stories that I submit to places in hopes of publication and others are just either odd or don’t really make sense so of course that’s the stuff I’ll share with you, like the following if you care to read.
I Once Saw a Raggedy Man (Fiction)

In the shadow of autumn’s moon stood a raggedy man. He shielded his gaunt face from that moon’s light – tried to catch his ragged breath. Vapors, ghosts, fled from his mouth into the black night.
In his hands he held the sands of time, falling, dropping, sifting minute after minute, lost. His time, his life, lost, lost, lost in the shadows of that moon, lost in the vapors that emanated from his raspy, ragged lungs. Lost.
His ragged clothes, garments of his life, tattered, slashed, shredded by time… lost, lost, and lost…hung like threadbare cotton on a scarecrow, no longer frightening to the birds of prey, but waiting for that looming moment of consumption. So lost.

I saw a raggedy man. That raggedy man… my father.
He’d come to ask for money, for booze, for forgiveness, for pardon for his raggedy life. Or perhaps he’d come to ask for time. Our time together, thirty years ago, lost to his drunkenness, his raggedy minutes, days, months, turned to years – Lost. So lost. No more time. The sands have sifted through his raggedy grasp.
He stood, no, leaned against the lamp post outside my apartment: peered up to my window, up to the light, from the shadows where he stood. In those shadows where he’d lived his life, afraid of the moon, afraid of light, afraid of me…lost to the darkness. So lost. Then he disappeared, as he’d done all my life. Gone. Lost. That raggedy man. Lost to his raggedy Anne. Lost.
I ran from the apartment, down three flights of stairs, pushed through the locked doors and spilled, breathless onto the street, spinning in circles, searching that darkness for his shadow. The doors behind me slammed closed. I peered into the dark night, listened for the silent echoes of time – but gone, gone, gone…so lost was he to me.

The moon’s light faded, veiled behind the scheming clouds. Gone. Not even a trail of vapors. Gone.

I once saw a raggedy man, so lost he was to me.


3 comments on “I Once Saw A Raggedy Man

  1. Pamela
    January 25, 2013

    That raggedy man… my father.Wham.

  2. arleen williams
    January 23, 2013

    Powerful sad, Mindy.

  3. Stephen Hayes
    January 23, 2013

    I love the visual imagery in your writing. I can close my eyes and picture everything. I hope in the future you'll post more of your writing.

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