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Robert Ray – Murdock Tackles Taos

If you’re lucky enough to follow Robert Ray around for a while, you can’t help but pick up a few of his writing crumbs of wisdom. And if

Robert Ray

Robert Ray

you hang around long enough you begin to understand his language, words like; spine, syntactic flex, chaining and more. SO, when I was given the opportunity to read and advance copy of his most recent work, Murdock Tackles Taos, I was thrilled. It was an opportunity to see everything he teaches, in action.


Murdock-Tackles-TaosMurdock Tackles Taos Robert Ray’s sixth Murdock Mystery – due out in June 2013, Begins with a Hunger Games feel to it; Archers,  cross-bows, knives, lost on a mysterious mountain with an armed and ready stranger, hunters chasing them – and like Hunger Games Murdock Tackles Taos exposes the dark side of privilege and the extremes of the affluent and often bored in a society. This good vs evil tale culminates in a triumphant courtroom trial. Murdock has a new sidekick, and lover; Helene Steinbeck, a retired town marshal turned author –and often a point of view narrator. Helen is a smart, funny and capable woman. A good match for Murdock.

Ray preachers, “Strong verbs! Concrete nouns!” In Murdock Tackles Taos, he walks his talk. He also teaches that good story telling comes straight out of myth and lore, and Murdock Tackles Taos delivers; virgins to be sacrificed, wicked rituals, sacred circles and warriors, both good and evil –and of course, a hero and heroine in peril.  Add all that to relatable characters with names like Sammy Savage and Mordecai Crane and your ensured an enjoyable the read.


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