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Even A Bra-less Bandito Needs Rhythm

Good writing – and by good I mean unforgettable writing – requires skill, style and dedication to the written word. Few mere mortalsjack2 know more about that kind of dedication, the use of language, nuance of word choice, and the sheer poetry of the written word, than Jack Remick. Whether he’s writing a novel, a short story or poetry, his style and rhythm is uncanny. And in case you think only poets care about rhythm, and you don’t get how critical rhythm is to your writing, read this scene below excerpted from Jack’s novel titled BLOOD –and this is NOT a novel for the faint of heart nor a place where one would expect poetics – This scene is about a (possible) pervert getting arrested. After reading it once, read it again and become aware of the beats, the rhythm, the unique style of writing. This is not done by accident – this is skill;

My heart beats faster and I stuff the still warm underwear into the sleeves of my jacket, feel the heat radiate through me, my heart hammering. I empty the dryer, close the door, feel the heat of the white hot metal hooks of the bras against me. Ready to run, I hear shoes shuffle on the concrete floor. The red-headed woman stands glaring at me. She wears tight black pants, a red sweater. Her hair, curled up in ringlets, shimmers in the light. Beside her there are two large men in uniform. Policemen. Big grins on their faces. There is no way out. Not through them, not over them, not away from them.
The red-headed woman pulls a pistol and shield from the back of the black pants and she says:
We’ve been waiting for you, you son of a bitch.
She smiles. She approaches me. I watch the gun hand, watch the hands of the men and I let out a long breath, one I have been holding for years and years and I say:
You’re a cop.
I’m a cop, she says. And these are my cop friends.
I didn’t expect it to be you.
Perverts never expect a woman.

The two men in uniform close on me, I know that they have no experience in close combat. They are careless. Loose. Laughing, they joke about catching the Underwear Bandit, the Panty Pervert, the Braless Bandido.

I know that once the red-headed woman holsters her pistol I can take them—all three, take them down and leave them gagging, bleeding, perhaps dead—but instead I hold out my hands, palms up. I say:

Are you going to cuff me? –

I’ve learned more about rhythm in writing from Jack than any single conference, workshop or class I’ve attended. And that’s the second most amazing thing about Jack; he loves to teach what he’s learned on his journey to author-land. Check out his writing blog.  And remember, even a bra-less bandito needs rhythm.

If you’d like to meet Jack Remick you have the opportunity to dial in and chat live with him on his book launch interviews starting December 10th. There will be give aways and lots of information. Check it out below.

Virtual Launch Party for The Book of ChangesBook-of-Changes-Cover

From Jack Remick

Dear Friends of Writing.

The Book of Changes, the third book of The California Quartet, will be the subject of a Virtual Book Launch on December 10th at 9:00 PM EST. Using Michigan Avenue Media, I’ll be on The World of Ink hosted by Marsha Cook and Virginia Grenier.

This is a first-time event for me as a writer. First came the blog tours and now the virtual launch. The world is changing for us as writers, so hop on over and tune in. I’ll entertain you with a short reading from the book and share notes about the process of publishing in the new e-world.

We’ve arranged for callers and listeners who care to sign in and/or leave a comment to get a free copy (now called a give-away) of The Book of Changes in any of three formats: MOBI, ePUB, or PDF from Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA.

This note from the ForeWord Review of The Book of Changes: “Remick’s mastery of the narrative craft infuses a common story line—college kid faces challenges and grows up—with an intimate sense of character and setting …. The Book of Changes shines in the crowded genre of coming-of-age narratives.”

The launch is a call in show with a chatroom option so I’ll look forward to talking to some of you on Dec 10th. The direct number to call is on the web page cited here:

Tuesday December 10th.

9:00 PM EST

Thanks. I hope to connect with you then.


5 comments on “Even A Bra-less Bandito Needs Rhythm

  1. Behind the Story
    December 6, 2013

    A great excerpt. It’s a real skill to write prose that sounds as natural as storytelling at a bar and at the same time sounds like poetry.

    • Mindy
      December 6, 2013

      Ha! That comment cracked me up – story telling at a bar. It’s true. Funny, but true.

  2. Jack Remick
    December 5, 2013

    Aw, shucks, Mindy. Where do I send the check? People pay for this kind of PR.

    • Mindy
      December 5, 2013

      Heck, If I thought there was money involved I would have said a lot more.
      I only wrote it cause it’s true. See you at L’s, soon.

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