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Writing & RainBeers

Writing & Rainbeers

Writing & Rainbeers

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m not a beer drinker, but those Guinness reinbeer made by my creative daughter Tara, just had to get in the picture, before my husband, who is a beer drinker, finds them, because then…well, poor Rudolph’s nose won’t be so bright.  

Are you writing? I don’t typically get much writing done during this week with my brother Clark visiting, all my baking, family, and so on, but this year is different, since I’ve been grounded. With a broken foot I haven’t been able to do my volunteer work and haven’t done much mall tripping – mall hobbling is what it ended up being – and in these crowds, it’s not worth it.

So, I’ve been home, foot up, writing a short screenplay based on my – still searching for an agent – novel, Return to Sender. I’ve also been studying a wonderful new (to me) book, by Syd Field titled, Screenplay The Foundations of Screenwriting. Loving it. I read many books and generally only sydmention the ones that really create a shift in my thinking or teach me something that changes the way I write. These are gold. So, my gift to you this season is the mention of a good book. Read an excerpt from Screenplay, here.

Next week I’ll post a video interview I did recently with author Gloria Kempton.

For now, Merry Christmas! Look, it’s snowing on my blog. How cool is that!


4 comments on “Writing & RainBeers

  1. Behind the Story
    December 24, 2013

    Love those rain-beers! I’m sorry about your broken foot. I broke my wrist last December which put a crimp in my Christmas card writing, so I know how broken bones can get in the way. But writing a screenplay sounds a good substitute for shopping. Have a merry Christmas.

    • Mindy
      December 24, 2013

      Well it’s certainly a money saving substitution. Merry Christmas.

  2. Karen Brattesani
    December 24, 2013

    I hope you are up and dancing soon. Happy Holidays!

    • Mindy
      December 24, 2013

      Oh my gosh! Dancing is exactly what I’m up to…just not my feet. BTW – I finally made it to Italy, fell in love with the Cinque Terra. Where was it you spent so much time?

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