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Deconstructing Novels & Guilty Pleasures

Last weekend I drank scotch and binged on my new guilty pleasure, Ray Donovan…yeh, it was that kind of week.ray But this weekend I’ll be studying this FREE offering from Larry Brooks. More on how you can too in just a minute. Larry has always been a guy who walks his talk. One thing I’ve enjoyed (and learned a great deal from) is/are his deconstructions of current popular (mega hit) novels. Now he’s taken a brave step and is reconstructing his own most recent novel, Deadly Faux, applying the same criteria. Very Brave, Larry, putting yourself out there like that. I did a review on DF (another guilty pleasure) some time back, you can read it here.

Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks

Larry is nothing if not candid about his experiences, good and horrible, in his publication journey and he shares a bit of that in; The Inner Life of a Novel: The Deconstruction of Deadly Faux – A writer’s guide to how the novel was written, and the story physics that underpin those creative decisions. When Larry say’s ‘Schmitt Happens’ he really means it (you’ll understand that after you read his deconstruction). It has been a bumpy ride getting his book(s) to market, as it is for us all. So lest you think he’s some kind of golden boy who easily grabbed that merry-go-round ring and took a ride, think again. He shares a lot about his trials-n-tribs in this new contribution to the writing community. In this FREE 113 pages deconstruction we can all learn a lot about what makes a story work. And as I said before, I read Deadly Faux; it works. “Excerpt; “I will deconstruct the sequential architecture of Deadly Faux – major story beats, plot points, part-specific missions and the essence-driven narrative strategies I have introduced on my website.  Any novel can be reduced to nine key sentences… if not unwieldy long and awkward sentences, then at least nine short narratives describing the respective moving parts of a story upon which it is built.  There are many more, of course, but these nine are what bear the weight.” So, who doesn’t want to know what those are? Follow this link to the FREE offering from Larry Brooks. And when you’re done with that, drink scotch and watch movies/programs about angry Irish families with chips on their brawny Irish Catholic shoulders so huge it’s amazing they can walk, fight, and drink -but they can because that’s their super-power. Hmmm….ever wonder why certain stories resonate with you? I’ll deconstruct that another time. Now go read Larry’s stuff. 🙂



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