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Writers Supporting Literacy…Whod’a Thunk!

Last month I packed up as many gently used books as I could carry and attended the Seattle 7 Writers, Book Club Brunch at the Mt. Baker Community Club, where I donated my l sea 7beloveds to their cause. If you aren’t familiar with the Seattle 7 Writers, you should be. Not only are they prolific, local authors who have a stream of popular novels, but their mission is to support literacy organizations and to create connections between writers, readers, booksellers, and librarians. With more than sixty celebrated and bestselling authors in their group, their slogan is Read Local!
So far they have donated more than $65,000 to literacy organizations and given more than 20,000 books to needy readers. Check them out and remember they take donations (hint, hint…)
The Brunch was wonderful, and the key note, Daniel J. Brown was fascinating. Jennie Shortridge, who has been a guest in my home at one of my Literary Liaison nights was a fabulous hostess, and Garth Stein’s fleeting appearance was hysterical (he abandoned us to go be in some celebrity baseball game thing). Then I ran into one of my Write On The Sound steering committee cohorts, Sandra Walker, author of The Littlest Merchants (we had a photo op), and I met new friends, namely Lyn Jeffress of Imagined Future, and Anne B. Norton whose book club is going to review my novel (Return To Sender) next month when it’s out of editing. Great connections made!

Anyway, I plan on attending this Book Club Brunch again next year (join me?). The food was good, the entertainment good, and most especially, the company was excellent! Lots of fun for a good cause.
Do you have any writers in your area who support literacy? Seems like a good fit don’t ya think – writers &  literacy?

Sandra Walker & Me

Sandra Walker & Me

Lynn Jeffress

Lynn Jeffress

Anne B. Norton

Anne B. Norton

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4 comments on “Writers Supporting Literacy…Whod’a Thunk!

  1. Sandra Walker
    August 1, 2014

    Mindy, you are so right. The Seattle 7 are making a difference for school children and for all of us in the writing community. Thank you for a good article.

    • Mindy
      August 1, 2014

      My pleasure!

  2. Behind the Story
    July 18, 2014

    I wish I’d known about it. A fun afternoon and a good cause. I’m sure I could find some gently used books to donate.

    • Mindy
      July 18, 2014

      It was. Maybe see you there next year?

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