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This Book Can Save Your Life, Or Help You Have More Sex, Either Way, It’s Good!

My review of a book written by a woman who helped save my life. Let her help you become the healthiest you can be, or as she writes, “The best version of yourself.”  Passionate Nutrition:

A Guide to Using Food as Medicine from a Nutritionist Who Healed Herself from the Inside Out


By Jennifer Adler & Jess Thomson

Hardcover: 288 pages

Publisher: Sasquatch Books (December 16, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-1570619458

Once in a while someone comes along whose story makes you believe in fate, destiny – some plan at work in our lives that we cannot understand without the benefit of hindsight. Jennifer Adler is one such person. And her book, Passionate Nutrition is far more than just another nutrition book, it’s a Greek tragedy turned prescription for a healthy life, which includes better sex.

The hard-earned insights Adler shares may be salvation for a nation under siege by diabetes and nutrition related illnesses. “We are an over-busy, sad, undernourished, angry, ashamed culture.” She writes, “But we can heal.” The arc of the book is exactly that. Adler writes about her own shame, undernourished childhood, anger and so much more, and then proceeds to share how she escaped, survived and now thrives. She explains how we can all heal from years of yo-yo dieting, food shame, low energy, bad sex, and general ill-health.  Readers will be enthused about how easy (and affordable) it is to embrace the healthy power of food in their lives.

New diet books and plans come out seemingly every day, with seemingly never ending claims of miraculous health and diet remedies from combining certain foods with other foods for maximum results, or eliminating certain foods all together. At the end of the day it’s exhausting to even think about the work required for restrictive eating––let alone do it. Instead, Adler focuses on and encourages abundant eat­ing. At the end of the day, I can do abundant eating.

Adler illuminates for readers what she calls “the healthy trinity”—digestion, balance, and whole foods –and how when out of balance, everything suffers. She presents little-known power foods we should eat, and delivers healthy ways to lose weight, along with unpretentious recipes to boost vitality and health.

The book begins by explaining in insightful, heartbreaking detail how she developed a lust for the healing aspects of food. Her journey from starvation of the body and soul to redemption and seaweed will move you to tears, shock you, and make you desire the sustenance she fought so hard to discover. Without any spoiler alerts here, I’ll just say her childhood was disturbing; starvation and neglect were paramount and shaped her unfortunate relationship with food and love–or the lack thereof.

Passionate Nutrition is a story about the hunger of body and soul; a hard earned redemption found at the edge of a frail humanity. It’s a nutrition/cookbook that’s self-help and reads like a captivating memoir. Adler’s extensive nutrition research in Ecuador and Peru where, “the region’s jungles were the birthplace of much of our natural medicine.” can’t be taught in a classroom, it must be earned.

Much like my grandma’s advice, Adler uses natural ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar in her beauty regime. And what I learned about seaweed may change my life––it’s an anti-inflammatory agent, a key to skin health (skin elasticity), UV blocker, and so many more benefits. I plan on consuming it in every way possible. “Seaweed has the broadest nutrient range of any vegetable.” Adler writes.

Her interwoven personal story will rock your world the same way that a tattooed gangster guy who held a gun to her head, rocked hers. And her recipes may save your life.

Jennifer Adler is proof we can all transcend our circumstances and come out the other end of life with great hair and looking ten years younger than we are!

She writes that, “Along the edge of your plate, participating in every bite you eat, should be love––love for your food, which nourishes you, and love for your body, because you are your best asset. Only when we include this love in our meals can we become the best versions of ourselves.”

Passionate Nutrition by Jennifer Adler is a gift you can give yourself so you can become the best version of you.

Get your copy HERE….

On a personal note; I met Jennifer Adler a few years back after my cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery. She helped with a good deal of things but most notably––and it’s notable because it may have saved my life––she got me off the prescription drug Nexium that doctors told me I’d need to take the rest of my days for the painful acid reflux that was ruining my life. Jennifer felt the Nexium was blocking my body’s ability to absorb nutrients––which as a recovering cancer patient I desperately needed––and so, slowly, got me off it by prescribing some natural alternatives and changing my diet. That was about seven years ago. I’ve never looked back. I eat spicy Indian food now and LOVE it! I’m healthy and never worry about what I eat or drink.  And as for my cancer; I still drink Jennifer’s prescription of nettles tea and I eat way more kale and beets than I ever did before. I live with the small amount of cancer the drugs and the surgeon cannot get, but the doctors are always amazed at how healthy I am. I attribute much of that to Jennifer Adler’s approach to food as a prescription for a healthy life.

So, when Jennifer asked if I’d review her book I jumped at the chance. I never knew her personal story, but having read it, having shed a tear or two over it, I understand the depth of her compassion for others and her passion for a healthy life.

Mindy Halleck




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