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Social Medial vs Writing Time Management

I lied! I lied! I lied!
A few weeks ago at a writerly get together I was asked how I stayed on track with my writing goals. I don’t recall my

Out to dinner with mom.

Out to dinner with mom.

exact (too quick and too nimble) answer but it may as well have been the mail man’s creed, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”
Nope, nothing stops me.
And then a couple weeks ago my mother came to visit for a week. And there it was, that thing beyond snow, rain, heat, and the gloom of night–my mother, the merchant of chaos –the thing that disrupts my writing schedule, social media goals and frankly causes me to just chuck it all out the window, give up and pour a glass of wine. Of course these days mom wines with me. 🙂
So, to the lady who asked me the question and who was so impressed at how I didn’t let anything disrupt my schedule, there it is, I lied. I didn’t know I was lying, but lying it was. I’m sorry. I do fall off schedule just like everybody else.
What keeps you from completing your writing, social media, and life goals? Your work, kids, spouse, dog, or your mother?
One BIG area of distraction where I have a propensity for losing time (entire days) and not getting back to writing is Social Media.
What I teach in my class, Winning the Battle; Social Media vs Writing Time is to utilize time saving mechanisms and goal planning to keep to your objectives of both writing and having a social media presence. I developed this class because I battled with SM vs WT–- HA ! That sounds like a dis-ease. I guess it is. Anyway . . . .
I found tools and techniques that aided me in combat. For example; I found Hootsuite (or tweetdeck and other free tools) to schedule tweets when I can’t be tweeting. I now use a timer when on Social Media. I once had a student tell me she spent full days on Saturdays (every Saturday) on Facebook. Seriously, if that’s your idea of fun and you have nothing else to do, great, but if you have other things to attend to, use a timer. Spend 1, 2, 3, or more hours on SM, but be accountable to yourself so you don’t end up all day on Facebook, and instead spend all day perfecting that one sentence, writing a poem or outlining your novel. And spend time away from the computer, get outside at some point, walk, run, and laugh.
For now, Mom has journeyed back home, happy with our week-long visit, and so I’m back to my regular schedule.
Right now, it’s Saturday. It’s sunny outside. My timer is set. My husband wants to go to breakfast and walk by the water –these are all good things. So I have until 9:00 am to finish writing, SM, and blog and then when the irritating “RING! RING! RING!” sounds, I’m off to live my life, guilt free that I’ve attended to my goals. Notice I said ‘attended’, that’s because you can never do enough, so it’s an important time management skill to know when to say ‘enough’, and be done for the day.
Now, I have 42 minutes left, so I’m back to work. Have a fabulous Saturday!

If you liked this TWEET IT OUT! Thanks, Mindy

If you liked this TWEET IT OUT! Thanks, Mindy


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