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Study Movies for Stories that Work(below)

The 4th of July weekend was a hot one! We are surrounded by fires and yet we Americans did not give up our fireworks. We could see the light show on Everett‘s Waterfront, along the Whidbey Island shore and across the water to the other islands that bless our view. It was quite a show – and all from the deck of our home.

Anyway, after BBQ-ing (because my husband had to spend a FORTUNE on a new grill) and after gardening and taking in the sun, I was like a bloated (from the heat) beached whale. Though my big 3-day weekend plan was to get a lot of writing done on my next novel, I was too tired to read, write or do anything that required creative juices.

So I went inside, turned on the air conditioner and watched movies.  Lately I’ve been troubled by the outline for my next novel titled, Garden of Lies, and couldn’t figure out where my issue was in the plot. All I knew was that it just wasn’t working. Then I watched a movie that made the light bulb pop on. As I watched three programs that dealt with a man hiding his past, A History of Violence, A British program called Last Tango in Halifax, and a rerun of  Downton Abbey where I love the story-line of John Bates (played by Brendan Coyle) —- I took copious notes that this morning helped clear the plot cobwebs that had been haunting me. YEY!!!!!! Happy dance.

In honor of my weekend movie watching that aided me in storytelling I’m reposting (below) a post I did a couple years ago….

Literary Liaisons

boondStudying movies helps me study and understand story telling that works and that doesn’t.  Though I’m writing a novel, I believe we need to incorporate what screenwriters do into our stories for them to appeal to a modern day audience. But, that’s just me. 

Boondock Saints with Willem DafoeSean Patrick FlaneryNorman Reedus and one of my all time favorite Scott’s Billy Connolly is a trip! Loved it for all its quirkiness and originality.

It’s a simple plot; Two Irish brothers accidentally kill some mafia thugs (who hasn’t) , and then besieged by Catholic guilt (of course) turn themselves in to the authorities (classic scene) and are then released as heroes of the people and are admired by at least one (William Defoe’s character) as gifts from God. The two Irish brothers then decide, as only good Irish lads would, that what they’ve stumbled into is actually a call by God to…

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