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Chasing Bliss? Then Read This Book


Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks

Most of us know Larry Brooks as a writing instructor extraordinaire and great fiction author, but we didn’t know him as relationship guru until now. Here’s my review of his new book,

Chasing Bliss: A Layman’s Guide to Love, 51wLj-8pKxLFulfillment, Damage Control, Repair and Resurrection


Chasing Bliss Just May Be Attainable and Sustainable if You Read This Book

I expected another technical self-help book that I thought I’d scroll through and put down as I usually do. And since I am in a happy marriage I figured what could I learn? I was SO wrong. I was surprised at how many times I highlighted entire passages, and how frequently I identified with exactly what was being described in the book.  Larry Brooks is a generous author who shares some of the intimate workings of his own marriage – not the least of which that he adores his wife. And for a self-help book, that’s the special sauce. This information is so relatable it just may be life changing for a lot of people seeking a loving relationship or how to keep the one they’ve got.

In the chapter aptly titled, Ten Reasons He’s Going To Cheat On You, Larry described every frog I ever kissed before I met my Prince. This chapter alone should be required reading for women. In the next chapter, Ten Reasons She’s Going To Leave You, I kept wondering how a man wrote about women with such insight. Brilliant!

I found myself asking my seemingly happy husband questions (suggested in the book) like, How would you describe how I have changed over the years? I won’t share his answer, but it was a long conversation about how we have both changed and how lucky we are to still be so in love after 20 years.

When Larry writes about how love is NOT unconditional he shares this passage:

“If I cheated on her, (Larry speaking of his wife) for example, she assures me she would plant a two-by-four squarely in the middle of my forehead while I sleep, and that it would be a committed swing the likes of which Barry Bonds would have been proud. That’s something other than unconditional. And, I suspect, not an exclusively metaphoric description of what would happen should I ever cross that line.”

His self-deprecating humor and intimate disclosures drew me in and made this book an enjoyable read, and the constructive advice and suggestions in The Domestic Warrior’s Tool Chest make it a valuable relationship tool for anyone in a relationship who is trying to attain or sustain Bliss.

My hubby and I, 20 happy years.

My hubby and I, 20 happy years.




2 comments on “Chasing Bliss? Then Read This Book

  1. pamelahobartcarter
    August 25, 2016

    Mindy, you are more than lucky. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mindy
      August 25, 2016

      I know, I’m truly blessed. Take care. Mindy

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