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B ~ About

Mindy Halleck is an award winning author who lives in the Pacific Northwest. In 2015 her short story, A MOTHER’S CONFESSION won first place in the Writer’s Digest Fiction Writing Contest, and another of her short stories, THE FRENCHMAN, won first place in the Edmond’s EPIC Fiction Writing Contest.

Mindy’s debut novel, RETURN TO SENDER was released by Booktrope Books in 2014 and continues to garner 5 Star reviews.

Please visit Mindy’s author’s site at If you are interested in having her speak at your conference, class, luncheon or writer’s group event please click here for a schedule of upcoming events and or to contact Mindy.

Short Bio

Mindy Halleck’s novel, Return to Sender, about a Korean War hero turned alcoholic priest, and a religious fanatic serial-killer who collide with destiny, was a featured debut novel in Kirkus Review Magazine, January 2015.

As a three-time cancer survivor, Mindy is no stranger to inspiration. As an instructor and mentor she emboldens writers to explore their deepest secrets and fears as a healing act. She also urges writers to embrace social media early in their professional endeavors, and shows them how find their target audience through that vehicle.

Mindy believes that being an author is a small business, and social media is a small business owner’s best friend, and this is why she teaches how to effectively use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others–while offering ‘writer vs marketer’ time-management solutions.

Mindy blogs at Literary Liaisons and is an active member of the Pacific Northwest writing community. A one-time magazine columnist and travel writer, she is now a happily married globe-trotter who lives in a small beach community in Western Washington. Learn more at If you would like to book Mindy for your writer’s conference, workshop, bookstore, or business luncheon, please make contact through her website.

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13 comments on “B ~ About

  1. Sandra Yeaman
    May 14, 2016

    Hi, Mindy. I saw your guest post, “How Objects Tell Your Story,” on Ryan Lanz’s “A Writer’s Path” blog. I found it a helpful tip for the memoir I am writing.

    In addition, I am the social media manager for the San Diego Writers/Editor’s Guild and would love to be able to post the same piece on the Guild’s blog, If you agree to this, please send me a direct message at the Guild’s e-mail,

  2. theryanlanz
    January 20, 2016

    Typo above: Jan 29th and Feb 1st.

  3. theryanlanz
    January 20, 2016

    Hi Mindy! Per your earlier permission (sorry for the length of time), I scheduled your short story tips series as a two-part guest article on Jan 26th and Feb 1st! As usual, I included credit to you/your bio/link back to your blog.

    Some of your other articles are great. Would it be alright if I featured some others at random? Of course, it would always include the normal credit/bio/link to your blog, and I’ll let you know each time I schedule one.

    • Mindy
      January 20, 2016

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for letting me know. What is the direct link to my post on your blog? I’ll social media it out. And yes, please share my post anytime, let me know and I’ll help spread the word. What’s your twitter address? Mindy

      • theryanlanz
        January 20, 2016

        I’ll be completely honest, I’m not sure how to give you the link because it’s a scheduled post.
        My Twitter address is @theryanlanz and I’ll Tweet out your guest post when it’s out.
        And sounds good! I’ll let you know when I schedule future articles.

      • Mindy
        January 20, 2016

        No worries! I’ll await the tweet at @MindyHalleck. Cheers, Mindy

  4. Julia
    May 30, 2014

    Hi Mindy,
    Congrats on the new book I know how much this means to you and I’m so happy for you.

    • Mindy
      May 31, 2014

      Hi Julia, thanks. And yes, it means a lot. Mindy

  5. Sarah Kishpaugh
    May 2, 2014

    Hi Mindy! My friend Judith Works told me about you. I live in Edmonds and would love to meet up sometime to talk about potential involvement with Booktrope. I tried to click on your email link but it didn’t work! Please get in touch when you can!

    • Mindy
      May 2, 2014

      Hi Sarah, sorry my e-mail didn’t work or you – it has worked for others today and I just checked it, sooooo…anyway, nice to meet you . I sent you an e-mail regarding getting together. Mindy

  6. Jim Minard
    August 24, 2013

    No brilliant comment. I attended WWC from start to end, heard Larry Brooks twice, got his two books (Engineering, Physics) and agree with what you said. Do you have a morning headache? You might have to cure yourself of caffeine addiction. My forthcoming (?) book is in draft form and is concerned with sleep/wake management. A subtitle is “Confessions of a conspicuously sleepy sleep researcher.” I found it’s useful to have a tape recorder going and a long enough trip home to skip through the highpoints of a talk or workshop. You don’t have to listen to it all to stimulate recall usefully.

    • Mindy
      August 24, 2013

      Thanks for the tips, Jim. Good luck with your forthcoming book.

      • Jim Minard
        August 24, 2013

        “Please leave a reply.” All I can say is thanks. Every little bit of friendly encouragement helps. I’m exhausted from trimming my preface down to a little more than a page of published text.

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